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American Bath Factory Bathtubs

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The American Bath Factory brand has been creating world-class tubs, bathtub fixtures, hand showers, and much more for decades. The company started out of its founder's garage and has grown strongly over time. American Bath Factory tubs are designed to be extraordinarily beautiful, as well as high quality. This dedication to quality extends to both the functionality and durability of American Bath Factory bathtubs.

Westside Wholesale is proud to be an authorized vendor of American Bath Factory products. We believe this company has designed an innovative product line that is sure to please our customers. This is partially because of American Bath Factory's incredible attention to detail and reliability. In fact, the company suggests that their bathtubs might be the last tub you'll ever need to buy.

For one, American Bath Factory bathtubs are made from strong, long-lasting materials like cast-iron and acrylic. These bathtubs are meant to evoke classic and modern designs, ensuring that you find a matching centerpiece for your bathroom's decor. Cast iron tubs, for example, provide an old world ambiance with modern day construction. American Bath Factory AcraStrone acrylic tubs, on the other hand, offer increased comfort, longer heat retention, and an easy to clean surface.

No matter your choice of American Bath Factory tub material, you can rest assured that the bathtub has an elegant design. This includes the brand's gorgeous faucets and bathtub feet. They're made to enhance the American Bath Factory tub that they're paired with, bringing in another element of sophistication to your restroom.

If you need help finding the American Bath Factory tub for your home, don't hesitate to contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team. We can help you get the exact size, color, and style of tub that works best for you.