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Aprilaire 5000
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Aprilaire 5000
Aprilaire Whole House Air Purifier, Premium Air Cleaner
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About Aprilaire Air Purifiers

When it comes to improving the indoor air quality in your home, Aprilaire air purifiers are ahead of the pack. These whole house air cleaners offer a straightforward installation that thoroughly removes polluted air and particles from your ventilation systems. These Aprilaire ventilation products connect to a home's heating and cooling system, filtering out the air as it goes through the air purifier.

Most of the products available from Aprilaire are known as media air cleaners. That simply means that an Aprilaire whole house air cleaner requires a physical filter media to operate. This media air filter is what screens out the pollutants and needs to be replaced from time to time. Under normal circumstances, the Aprilaire replacement filter element should be replaced about once a year.

Plus, an Aprilaire air purifier with a filter allows you to choose the exact level of filtration necessary for your home. For instance, both the Aprilaire 213 filter and the Aprilaire 211 model fit the same air purifier, with the higher number providing a higher MERV rating. Each of our whole house air purifiers from Aprilaire will also provide a different level of purification. Customers with allergies, people who have pets, and those in damp regions might consider a stronger air purifier with a finer filter. For those who simply need to combat dust build up or heating and cooling equipment protection, a less heavy-duty model should be very effective.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer for Aprilaire air filters. We stand by the brand's commitment to improving indoor air quality, which has a substantial effect on a resident's health and quality of life. Contact us if you have any questions about finding the best Aprilaire air filter for you.

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