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Aprilaire Dehumidifier Reviews to Help You Choose the Best Unit for You


High indoor humidity levels can make your home or office uncomfortable when the moisture level is too high. A good dehumidifier can reduce your humidity levels to the recommended 30 to 50 percent and help prevent mold or mildew growth in your space. We’ve reviewed the top four models from leading brand Aprilaire that are well worth the investment. Read our dehumidifier reviews below to find out which unit is right for you.

Aprilaire 1770A Whole House Dehumidifier
If you’re willing to invest in a dehumidifier that can do it all, the Arilaire 1770A Whole House Dehumidifier offers a host of high-end features for $1,600. With a moisture removal capacity of 135 pints a day, this model operates 50% better than other popular portable units. This fully automated dehumidifier senses the moisture levels and adjusts its performance accordingly, plus it switches between whole-house and localized modes depending on if your central air conditioning is running. This means you can sit back, relax, and let the unit do all the hard work for you.

Aprilaire 1750A 115V Whole House Dehumidifier
For those who don’t need a high-capacity unit, the Aprilaire 1750A 115V Whole House Dehumidifier costs only $1,075, removes moisture at a rate of 90 pints a day and also offers the same automated controls as the 1770A.

Aprilaire 1710A Basement Dehumidifier
If you’re looking for a portable dehumidifier, the Aprilaire 1710A Basement Dehumidifier is only $1,150 and removes moisture at a rate of 90 pints a day, then automatically drains the water. When the weather is cold, the auto-defrost control turns the unit off automatically to conserve energy. In addition, you don’t need to connect this unit into your air conditioning system’s ductwork.

Aprilaire 1730A Whole-House Humidifier
Need a more affordable but still efficient dehumidifier? Look no further than the Aprilaire 1730A Whole-House Humidifier, which costs just $1,050 and offers a moisture removal rate of 135 pints per day. This unit can also be operated manually using the optional Living Space Control so you can monitor and regulate the humidity levels from another room. Just like the 1710A, this model automatically turns off during cold weather.

For all the models above, we highly recommend taking advantage of the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty by having your dehumidifier installed professionally.

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