Aprilaire Exhaust System

Aprilaire 8100
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Aprilaire 8100
Aprilaire Energy Recovery Ventilator, 120V - 6" Duct
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About Aprilaire Exhaust System

Westside Wholesale presents a product line of Aprilaire exhaust systems that are just perfect for providing any home with fresh clean air.

The Aprilaire brand is globally famous, the company has been developing and manufacturing high quality products for indoor healthy environment for a century already and they keep integrating their innovating technologies to meet the requirements of their consumers who value quality and modern lifestyle.

The product line of Aprilaire exhaust systems we stock in our online store comprises energy recover ventilators, ventilation control systems heat/cool/humidity and ventilation controllers.

The energy recover ventilation system by Aprilaire we offer at Westside Wholesale is a really top line ventilator that will exchange home stuffy stale air with clean fresh air from outside. It will filter the air in the process in order to give back high quality clean air for breathing.

The ventilation system features a special transfer core that prevents air pollution and warms incoming cold air in winters. Thanks to this innovative method it is possible to save up to 77 percent of energy that is usually lost with other ventilators.

The outstanding features of these ventilation systems are noise free operation and no or little maintenance, this makes them even more attractive for a wide range of our consumers. This will become an ideal solution for those users who look for breathable clean air without any harm for environment.

Westside wholesale offers the lowest prices possible and free shipping on this product line.

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