Ariel Bath Whirlpool Tubs

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About Ariel Bath Whirlpool Tubs

Westside Wholesale offers you the largest range of Ariel Whirlpool tub fixtures and appliances that responds to the latest trends. Make your own bathroom cutting-edge styles with this widest range committed to the highest standards of aesthetic and luxury design. We are always ready to help our customers to select the best solutions and to provide a safe and secure environment for bathroom. Just tell us if you need some more information and we’ll do our best.

When you will see a line of Whirlpool tubs that are readily available, first plan the budget and the sizes of bathroom area you’re ready to give for that. From simple but cozy Ariel EZWT-3054R to luxury Platinum-Corner series Ariel AM156JDTSZ you will like the magnificent characteristics of this brand. It is truly manufactured for pleasant and relaxing and made of acrylic. Durability is confirmed with fiberglass and stainless steel heavy duty frames (have Ariel EZWT-3054AR as an example).

Most of the standard models includes options like LCD touch screen control panel, FM radio or chromatherapy lighting (Ariel AM154JDTSZL). Bath capabilities with intensity adjustor and cozy non-slipping built-in seats are definitely well fit in various dimensions. Buy a compact 48" x 29" x 38" Ariel EZWT-3048DR ADA Compliant for small areas or enjoy Ariel Bath Platinum Ariel AM152JDTSZR-LRG for larger ones. This last clear-sides one gives the impression of heavenly spot in your house. Just try to imagine a working process of 15 whirlpool massage jets, while resting your back on the built-in cushioned headrest and you will agree there is nothing to look for further.

Before you go out and acquire some Whirlpool Ariel product offered by Westside Wholesale you need to examine out the other accessible types. Rectangular Ariel AM151JDTSZ with LED Front Panel provides 21 whirlpool jets. There are larger stroll in Ariel AM168JDTSZ for 2 persons that is readily available developed for a greater space. It is self-cleaning according to ozone disinfecting system.

Have 3 separate facilities in one unit from standard bath to steam massage relaxing tub. Opt for a sleek modern design and back it with a one year manufacturer warranty, and you will not need to acquire the repair parts individually if something happenings. Trust us it sounds like a very rare case.

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