Ariel Bath Steam Showers

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About Ariel Bath Steam Showers

Bathe in luxury with an Ariel Steam Shower. Let multiple jets massage your muscles, creating a spa-like experience in your very own home. Amenities include a timer, FM radio, and an aromatherapy system (oils not included).

The Ariel ZA218 Ameristeam Whirlpool Steam Shower is an outstanding shower model that will cost our customers less and includes a built-in seat with cushioned pillows for the customer’s comfort. It has easy control computer system which allows getting the 12 whirlpool jets. The phone mounted inside a cabin is hands-free: use an inbuilt microphone to speak in the shower. We offer also a built-in model like Ariel ZA205 that saves space and still has a lot of great features that people come to expect from Ariel.

With its arch-style corner design, Ariel ZAA212 suggests the correct customer’s choice. Still manufacturers are modifying it: beautiful Whirlpool tub corresponds a custom options and modern style. Save space while updating the look of the bathroom with corner fit Ariel DA333F8 or this contemporary configuration Ariel DZ960F8R. Its patented options make this a great decision to both classic and modern bathroom decor. Whether homeowners are building a new home or remodeling a room, Westside Wholesale offers the large range of steam showers and appliances with the affordable prices and the latest trends.

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