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About Ark Lighting Recessed Lighting

Ark Lighting a the world famous and one of the leading lighting suppliers who made its name by offering a high quality line of low voltage lighting manufactured in the USA. They were able to find their special niche in this market by offering quality products for reasonable prices to customers.

We at the Westside Wholesale always look for only the best offers for our clients and aim to find the best possible options, which combine quality and reasonable price. We understand that decent lighting should not cost a fortune. That is why we are happy to offer to our clients the line of lighting products supplied by Ark.

Ark products are known to have creative attractive design, fitting any interior and adding a charming touch of style and taste to any home. Simple installation process makes the products of this supplier a real deal for the lowest price. It’s just perfect for those who prefer to work around the house themselves.

Ark offers the consumers low voltage lighting options supplied with built-in electronic transformers making a rather compact and easy to install unit.

Ark Lighting at Westside Wholesale. We offer our clients a wide range of Ark Lighting products as possible. One can find different types of trims for different interiors and purposes. The trims we offer are able to underline the house ceiling and give the maximum output of light. All Ark trims we offer at Westside Wholesale are US products, are very simple to install, and are available in different colors.

The description of every Ark product at Westside Wholesale has full information concerning the item including its technical characteristics and specifications including socket type, depth, housing, ceiling cutout, and outer diameter.

Ark recessed lighting and appliances are offered by Westside Wholesale to meet our clients’ needs for quality and also affordable lighting products.

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