Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners

About Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners

Equipping your pool with automatic cleaners helps you save precious time and money on its maintenance. Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners offered at Westside Wholesale become the best choice when looking for affordable yet efficient and reliable cleaning device. Our wide selection of Hayward cleaning devices includes Above-Ground, In Ground, and Navigator Pool Cleaners that have various features to offer.

No matter what model you select, proper pool cleaning is obtained by innovative technologies used by Hayward in each device’s production. Intelligent programmed steering balances water flow depending on ground conditions and makes sure all dust, dirt and debris get cleaned from the surface. In addition to that, advanced propulsion and suction technologies let you save significant amount of money spent on energy bills and provide long life and consistent performance of the device.

Since Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners are powered from the existing filtration system of your pool, no tools or additional equipment is needed during their installation. Silent and precise operation of each cleaning device presented in this section assures your pool’s surface is fully covered and accurately cleaned. The greatest part of Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners, besides their affordable prices and exceptional durability, is the fact that you don’t need to spend hours on maintaining your pool or pond. That way you get to enjoy more quality time with your family, friends and loved ones.

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