Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners

About Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners

We offer a wide selection of Polaris automation products and pool cleaners presented in this section will help you find the option that will suit your needs the most. No matter what cleaner you select, it works in all types of pool grounds, is equipped with flow controls that automatically regulate the cleaner’s direction and has an innovative built-in reverse mechanism that spares the device from obstacles and lets it clean the area in reverse.

In addition to that, each Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaner operates on a dedicated skimmer or vacuum line and has an auxiliary inlet that eliminates pump cavitation during operation. Pool dirt and debris are securely retained in special filter bag while the device cleans the floor and walls of your pool. Impressively easy and precise exploitation of such device helps you spend more time and money on fun pool activities with your family instead of spending it for pool maintenance.

With Westside Wholesale’s selection of Polaris cleaning devices and accessories you get the chance of purchasing premium devices at affordable prices.

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