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Barnes is a brand of Crane Pumps & Systems Company (CP&S). It is a famous brand on the market which is popular among professionals and those who are just looking for a simple pump. A wide array of products includes sewage and wastewater pumps as well as the decorative fountain pumps for the city centre.

Barnes pumps are created to work for a long time. The durability of its models is exceptional, and one can always rely on these pumps. The design is space-saving and the appliance need little space to be installed. Innovations of Crane Pumps & Systems have made the pumps reliable and efficient. Engineers put a lot of effort to develop an appliance which is both qualitative and cheap. These pumps are affordable, accurate and work fast.

Barnes Grinder pumps have a specially invented professional technology. It was created to lessen the amount of sewage particles to a finely ground slurry. The technology is called Omni Grind plus. It is patented and allows the pump to work continuously at high or low heads. For removing the water there is a Prosser Standard Line. It consists of portable electric submersible pumps. The design is slim to get to the places difficult for access. There are about 100 highly efficient models which offer high head or high volume performance. Effluent pumps are perfect for handling dirty water in septic tanks. Moreover, there are models suitable for high temperature. Barnes fountain pumps are leaders on the market. They are made of stainless steel and bronze and available at 115V and 230V single phase.

Sump pumps of this company are cheap but have a number of useful features. They are carefully designed and have a variety of switch options. There are also innovative techniques such as SHUR-Switch. These pumps help to save time and money. They are replaceable with other sump pump brands.

Westside Wholesales can offer pumps from different series for different needs. There is a full range from cheap to expensive models. Choose the best one and pay attention that all of the appliances are sold at wholesale prices.

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