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A Bit About Bathroom Fan Types

There are a number of bathroom ventilation fans that you can choose to have installed in your home, commercial building, hotel, motel, and so on. Bathroom fans are available in the following types. 

  • Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans
  • Combination Exhaust Fans
  • Inline Exhaust Fans
  • Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans

Mounted Bathroom Fans

Ceiling Mounted Bath Fans

Ceiling mounted bathroom fans have come a long way. Far from the noisy, bulky, and inefficient models of years past, ceiling mounted bathroom fans are now compact, and in many cases nearly silent. They are available with humidity sensors, with lights, and with heating capabilities. Many models offer all of these qualities, while also being energy efficient.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Fans

Bathroom fans are not always affixed to the bathroom ceiling. In fact, some bathrooms don’t allow for a ceiling mounted bath fan. Wall mounted bathroom fans are usually designed to fit an 8” duct. Panasonic makes an efficient wall mounted bath fan that is also incredibly quiet.

Combination Bath Fans (Fans with Lights and Heaters)

Bath Fans With Lights

These types of bathroom fans are generally low profile; meaning they aren’t bulky, or stick out far from the air ventialtion duct. Their main job is to circulate air and provide additional light in a bathroom. They are available in dozens of styles, by many manufacturers including Nutone, Broan, and Panasonic.

Decorative bath fans with lights work much like standard fans with lights, although they are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing than a standard bathroom fan. Nutone offers several choices of decorative fans with lights.

Bath Fans With Heaters

Fans with heaters included eliminate the need for two separate devices to give you the heat you want and the ventilation you need. Fans with heaters are available with Nichrome wires with magnesium oxide that transfer heat, with 1300 watt heat elements or with heat lamp infrared light bulbs. Many fans with heaters will fit in 4” ducts.

Bath Fans With Light and Heater

Fans with lights and heaters are designed to circulate air, provide additional light in the bathroom, and provide heat. Available in round shapes, square shapes, with heat lamp bulbs, or with interior heat sources, fans with lights and heaters are incredibly popular in new homes, new commercial buildings and hotels. They offer all of the desirable qualities of a bath fan by reducing moisture in the air, providing light (for day or night), and keeping the bathroom a comfortable temperature. Styles and prices of fans with lights and heaters will vary. Popular brands of bathroom fans with lights and heaters include Air King, Broan, Nutone, and Panasonic.

Quiet Bath Fans

Super Quiet Bath Fans

The job of a bathroom fan is to remove moisture from the air, and to circulate air. It is not supposed to be a disruptive, loud device. Though all fans will make some noise, manufacturers of ultra quiet bathroom fans have reduced the noise that fans make significantly over the years. In fact, some bath fans are now nearly silent. Many of these fans, such as those offered by Broan or Nutone, also offer humidity sensing capabilities, as well as heat and light, creating a perfect all in one, noiseless bathroom fan.

Humidity Sensing Bath Fans

Technology has advanced so that many bathroom fans have built in humidity sensors, making them virtually hands-free. Bathroom fan manufacturers such as Nutone utilize Sensaire technology to detect high levels of moisture, or a rapid increase of moisture. The fan then automatically responds to reduce the moisture in the air. These humidity sensing bath fans can help prevent the growth of mold or mildew.