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Westside Wholesale aims to offer a wide range of products from known brands at attractive prices. A product line of bath fans manufactured under the Air King brand and offered for sale by Westside Wholesale includes high-quality devices designed to fit all budgets and ventilation needs. Air King is an Energy Star Partner of the Year and its mission is to create a more comfortable environment for everyone developing first-class quality solutions in the ventilation industry.

Air King bath fans available on Westside Wholesale are equipped with a large centrifugal blower wheel to ensure proper ventilation and a motor, which produces almost no noise when working. Once installed, the fans will do their job quietly and efficiently, ensuring low energy consumption. The product line fans offered by Westside Wholesale show great performance and reliability even after years of operation since they are made of highest quality materials in accordance with advanced ventilation technologies.

Westside Wholesale offers Air King bath fans in two categories given lighting element availability.They have thermal protection and support infrared bulbs of 250W maximum for instant heat. Air King bath fans are also categorized according to the flow rate supported: 50-100 CFM and 110-200 CFM. The larger the area, the higher the CFM rating needed.

Advanced specifications of bath fans from the Air King brand will give the user powerful ventilation at minimum sound and without additional maintenance services required. Extended service life and high energy efficiency of the bath fans offered by Westside Wholesale is achieved through the use of high-quality components and modern power consumption technologies. There is no need to worry about the quality of local exhaust ventilation given the above specifications of Air King fans.

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