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About Heaters with Ventilation

Westside Wholesale offers a versatile selection of small appliances for bathrooms such as lamp heaters with ventilation fans. To make a bathroom cozier, install one of the combinatory units with fan/heater/light options and enjoy an oasis of warmth and comfort in your restroom. Our online store can help our customers make a reasonable choice among a variety of bathroom heaters with ventilation systems to meet any requirements.

To control moisture and minimize risk of mildew/mold in a bathroom, choose a bathroom exhaust fan with a heating element. Such heaters usually have an exhaust fan that you can use for better ventilation from chemical fumes and odors in a closed-in bathroom. During cold months, heaters with ventilation will help to control temperature in a room by spreading warmth all over a bathroom. In addition, most bathroom heaters with fans that our store stocks are cost-effective—significantly cutting down your monthly utility bills.

Experienced North American companies, Panasonic (originally a Japanese brand), NuTone and AirKing supply top-notch, high-end bathroom heaters with ventilation ready to supplement any bathroom remodeling project. Panasonic’s WhisperWarm heaters are based on elements with Ni-chrome wiring and magnesium oxide to deliver optimal heat transfer and insulation. As for a ventilation system, these heaters come equipped with double suction blower wheels and enclosed condenser motor to move air without any noise.

AirKing offers deluxe bathroom heaters with a ventilation capability in order to provide instant heat to a specific area of room. Standard design, included Hvi2100 certified switches, wall plate and adjustable hanging brackets make them easy to install. The AK965 series of heaters also include a fluorescent light/night light option. Each modification can be wired to work separately so you could get a total energy efficiency control.

Westside Wholesale online store works 24/7 to deliver the best heaters with ventilation manufactured by leading brands. All of our buyers get no shipping costs, the lowest prices and welcoming Customer Support.

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