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About Swanstone Bathroom Sinks

Meet amazing and natural-look “seashell” bathroom sinks from our proud supplier Swanstone. The name of the company sounds melodically and precious as well as their offers look like. Each product is also tested and assembled, it undergoes thorough breakings and water flow testing process. Finally, every Swanstone product is impeccably packaged with great attention to detail, to ensure it is delivered to our customers in flawless shape.

If you are weary from seeing the normal stainless steel, you will enjoy them: perform well in both residential and commercial spaces, in both classic and Art-Nouveau style. Find them in precious white and warm beige colors with the rest of our interior color scheme.

The Deep Palladio Above-Counter series is represented in five different incarnations from simply white (Swanstone WB-2218 (010)) to Tahiti Desert (Swanstone WB-2218 (050)), Tahiti Sand color (Swanstone WB-2218 (051)) or Bisque (Swanstone WB-2218 (018)) and Bermuda Sand tones (Swanstone WB-2218 (040)). We found out sinks the best you need to change your style and get to the new 21st century. All of them made for 3,5 inches mounting diameter hole and included in luxury Swanstone's Metropolitan Collection. Enjoy this authentic Reinforced Solid Surface so Color/Texture Run which functionality is very important and renewable. It doesn’t loose the color or feel the chemical impact or fast crack in case of ultra new technologies. Choose the faucet style you need for this multi-design sink.

The Deep Islandia series is represented with also five best models by different colors: white (Swanstone TRI-1815IS (010)), Tahiti Sand (Swanstone TRI-1815IS (051)) or Tahiti Desert (Swanstone TRI-1815IS (050)), Bisque (Swanstone TRI-1815IS (018)) and Bermuda Sand (Swanstone TRI-1815IS (040)). When it comes to a fact that a client needs a sink that will allow to minimize movement but at the same time move around from the sink choose this shell-look vanity 6inches sinks. Classic Style is engaged in Reinforced Solid Surface with texture. Scratches, chemicals and acetone cannot be dangerous for you when decided to have this aestetical sink.

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