Sloan Waterless Urinals

About Sloan Waterless Urinals

Sloan Waterless Urinals objective is to passionately preserve the environment. Their vision is to be the global leader most renowned for providing smart, clean and sustainable restroom solutions. Sloan Waterless Urinals perform like a conventional urinal except…there is no water usage. They also provide the convenience and comfort of touch-free operation promoting hygiene and cleanliness. Greatness has humble beginnings. Before the Sloan Waterless Urinal came into being, the Royal Flush Valve was the product that started it all. The focus of the design was to allow for a decrease in the amount of water and energy needed to flush a fixture. As concern over the conservation of resources started becoming more mainstream over the years, the idea of building "green" would spur the innovative products that led to further water saving technologies. The Sloan Waterless Urinal is a prime example of Sloan's sustainability commmitment to offering energy and water-efficient products to further the expansion of green building and renewable energy practices. Using a well-developed and extensive recycling process, Sloan is able to lessen the impact their foundries have on their local environments.


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