Bobrick Framed Medicine Cabinets

About Bobrick Framed Medicine Cabinets

Come on out! Westside Wholesale offers the ideal medicine cabinets for both personal and commercial use. Meet them from Bobrick manufacturer: all this units constructed of stainless steel for long lasting durability. That is also the great choice for Hospitals, Doctors Offices and Residential Complexes and other Health Care Facilities. Probably, the best way to check them is to buy for your own bathroom and be thankful for the choice and durability.

Medicine Cabinets from Bobrick are mirrored and electrolytically copper-plated. They are equipped with from 2 up to 4 shelves with resisting silver spoilage. Choose your personal recessed or surface mounting unit.

The Bobrick B-397 Medicine Cabinet provides sophisticated storage space for large and medium areas. It is ideal for commercial storages with its three-shelved equipment and Heavy-Gauge Steel w/ White Powder-Coated Finish oversized design. Bobrick B-397 is spacious and convenient enough for all owner’s medicine and toiletry storage needs. A magnetic latch makes the fixture a hand-made look, and the cabinet door even includes a toothbrush holder that is easy-to-hide option for guest visits. The dimensions are 14 1/8” wide, 20 1/4” tall and 3 ¾” deep.

Bobrick B-398 is a cabinet with several adjustable shelves and durable Stainless Steel Satin Finish. Find recessed mounting the most convenient for your bath spaces. The fixture has a mirrored cabinet with a magnetic latch that allows a visitor to open the door wider and store everything even the toothbrushes carefully. A fitting for right-handed or left-handed users shows the Bobrick’s company customer services policy from the best point of view.

Enjoy the Bobrick B-299 model between these medicine cabinets feature styles and designs. Much more spacious, it has four adjustable shelves welded construction and comes with Stainless Steel Satin Finish. The fixture has a mirrored cabinet with a magnetic latch and the same toothbrush holders like the previous ones. Meet a 15 year guarantee against silver spoilage!

The last but not the least Bobrick B-297 comes from a selection so vast that you simply can`t find more perfect one for your bathroom offered at affordable price by Westside Wholesale. Sometimes just two shelves are enough for a friendly family. The unit has a White Powder-Coated Steel finishing and cozy sizes:14 1/8” wide, 20 ¼” tall and 3 ¾” deep.

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