Ariel Bath Toilets

About Ariel Bath Toilets

Westside Wholesale has a great number of high-quality products from known brands to offer. Its mission is to ensure full customer satisfaction providing original goods at the most affordable prices. One of the product lines available on Westside Wholesale is Ariel Toilets. The manufacturer has been working for over a quarter of a century to bring the buyer new and vibrant ideas of how to make their living space more beautiful, unique and comfortable.

The product line items manufactured under the Ariel brand and offered for sale by Westside Wholesale combine such features as uncompromising quality of materials, original design, ease of installation, and extended service life. Ariel contemporary European toilets have been designed in accordance with the most current trends in the industry. Their advanced one-button dual flush mechanism perfectly does its job allowing to flush exactly as much water as needed for more efficient water consumption control. In addition, some of the product line items give a maximum water release of about 1.6 gallons and a half water flush of just 0.8 gallons. Thus, toilets equipped with a dual flush mechanism available on Westside Wholesale provide an average of 67% reduction of water usage when compared to single flush models.

In addition, Ariel contemporary European toilets have stain resistant glossy white finish. Elegant one-piece construction of the toilets with elongated bowl allows them to perfectly fit into any room interior design. No extra details or unneeded features are present, just thoughtful design and superior quality. Ariel manufactures modern toilets using the best and proven technologies to satisfy its customers’ needs. The manufacturer seeks to develop first-class quality products available to everyone, and Westside Wholesale, in turn, strives to offer them at the most attractive prices. Just look through the product line items, get one that you like, perform easy installations and enjoy your perfect choice.

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