VIGO Industries Tub Shower Combos

About VIGO Industries Tub Shower Combos

The showers and bathtubs offered by Westside Wholesale and Vigo Industries are made not to deliver but to control the water flow and to make it pleasurable having a shower every time.

By designing the appearance of a bathroom you can easily look to Vigo Industries for a wide range of products from wall panels to full-shower enclosures. Add to this a high-quality glass material that ensures all the units look attractive for your interior. The Vigo shower doors available come in tub/shower combination and will last in place for many years.

The options include frameless frosted glass (Vigo IndustriesVG6041CHMT7274L) or just clear glass (Vigo IndustriesVG6031CHCL36L) doors with sliding construction. Some secret Vigo Industries

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