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Comparing Nutone Bathroom Fans: A Look at Features

Whether you’re remodeling your home, building a new home, or renovating office space, you can’t afford to skimp on a fan for the bathroom. Bathroom fans are crucial to reducing moisture in the air to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can be expensive to remove and in some case.

However, your bathroom fan needn’t remind you of the sound of jet taking off. The science behind bathroom fans, such as those manufactured by Nutone, has thankfully evolved to pull the moisture from the air while circulating the air quietly. Moreover, bathroom fans also serve other useful purposes, such as providing extra lighting, or a bit of heat for chilly mornings. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular Nutone bathroom fans available through Westside Wholesale.

The Nutone QTXN110HL 110 CFM Ultra Silent Bathroom Fan with Heater, Light and Night light is one of our most popular bathroom fans. Designed for a 6”duct, and boasting a modern rectangular appearance, this bathroom fan provides nearly silent removal of moisture, while providing heat and light when you want it.

This fan from Nutone gives you everything you could ask for in a fan. For homes in particular, the heating capabilities stemming from the PowerHeat high output heating system make cold mornings a bit more bearable. The nightlight capabilities (a 7 watt bulb, not included) makes trips to the bathroom in the evening simpler, and safer. For daytime light this Nutone fan will require two 60 watt bulbs, which are not included with the purchase. A manufacturer’s three year limited warranty is included.

Another popular bathroom fan from Nutone, which also boasts heating and light capabilities, is the Nutone QT9093WH 110 CFM QuietTest Bathroom Fan with Heat & Light. This fan is round in appearance, and easily fits in a 4” duct. Though compact by design, its powerful heat output belies its compact appearance. Using a 1500 watt heater, this bathroom fan distributes heat via aluminum blower, which also serves to remove steam, stale air and odor. Fresh air is instead pushed into the bathroom.

This bathroom fan uses a 7 watt bulb for its nightlight setting, and a 100 watt bulb for its regular lighting. Though not as quiet as some of the other fans offered by Nutone, this fan is far from noisy, and comes with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

For those looking for smart technology in addition to quiet moisture reduction, the Nutone QTXEN110S 110 CFM Ultra Silent Energy Star Rated w/ Humidity Sensing bathroom fan is a hands-free bathroom fan. What is known as “Sensaire” technology is built right into the fan, allowing it to detect the level of moisture in the air in your bathroom, and turn on, or adjust its power automatically. It is particularly helpful in recognizing big increases in moisture over a very short period of time.However, you may adjust the sensitivity levels on your own, and this bathroom fan also has pre-set timers, for manual control if desired.

This modern looking fan will appeal to homeowners, builders, contractors and property managers due to its unobtrusive presence (6” round duct diameter), but impressive capabilities, and energy saving attributes. Easy installation and the ultra silent power are two of this fan’s most attractive qualities. Likewise, many contractors, commercial office space owners and property managers also appreciate the Energy Star® rating, which helps reduce utility bills. This bathroom fan is a fan only, so it does not come equipped with heat or additional lighting. However, it is UL listed for use about bathtubs and showers, when properly connected to GFCI circuits, and it is California Title 24 compliant.


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