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Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of contemporary Moen faucets, which are suitable to any type of bathroom. Whether it is a nice house in the country-style or a luxury apartment in the heart of the fast-paced city, the bathroom comes to be a holy comforting zone. Choosing Moen faucet from our catalogue can only improve the existing bathroom interior.

With our best prices, it is easy to check for benefits and get the hottest Moen offer with both qualitative and stylish item. Moen faucets are well known with their durability and extremely long lasting water supplying systems well-known to the customers all over the world.

Moen Company now is the leader of North America faucet market. It has more than 80 years of victories and successful ideas implementation by supplying the best solution to traditional and elite markets.

Wide range of models: check for every type that can be even imagined in our Moen faucets catalogue. From old-fashioned Victorian style “goosenecks” to contemporary and modern single handles.

High approval finishing. Manufactured from a cast brass Moen faucets can be finished with every popular covering from safe nickel and stop-corroding polish chrome to vintage oil-rubbed bronze and pure-looking white enamel.

Types of Moen bath faucets come in a variety of designs for any purpose including: Brantford, Eva, Kingsley, Monticello, Viletta and other series. See the compact sizes in Viletta designed to give more counter space or separate holes constructions in Kingsley and Monticello series. They are available both in two-handle or single handle variants.

Capacities: Moen faucets are known for their extremely long life terms of use and unbreakable construction. Their Metal Waste Assembly bodies are chemical and corrosion resistant as well as hard water proof. Their simplicity in operating and reliability for ages are keys to the best shopping. Durability is proved by patented Washerless Moen Cartridge with Nonmetallic and Stainless Steel Materials.

Simply-moving advantages include everywhere in between the cold and hot margins there represented an infinite number of water temperatures at customers disposal. Make it great for children and elders in the family.

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