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What can Westside Wholesale provide to their customers except the best? In today's common usage, Sloan designed faucet is an integral part of the bathroom. Each detail in this unit shall be harmoniously joined the interior and carry a maximum payload at the same time. High quality, capacity fittings, safety and functionality are the cornerstones of Sloan Faucet Company.

This family owned company offers to its clients their best decisions during over hundred years. Still all the principles of developing and producing bath related products are integrated in modern personal preference. It was founded back in 1906 and since then the manufacturing have been expanding on a thousands factories. Between the wide modern range of Sloan Valve Company, there are manufacturing bathroom details, especially electronic faucets and flushometers such as Royal®, Regal, Optima® and Optima Plus® Flushometers etc.

Eco-friendly: an unique design incarnated in 0.5 gpf/1.9 Lpf (standartized) technologies using in development.

Solenoid connections and details: in most common used models there are integrated Solenoid Connections, Valve and Solenoid Leads.

Availability of choosing type: get it automatically with Modular Quick-Release Sensor or traditional quick-moving two or single handle ones. All of them are made with emergent chrome finishing. Next see the most convenient segmentation for every mind or budget:

  • Personal usage series: they’re compact in the sizes, pretty and little in shape and sure high powered in the usage. Equipped with plugin or battery operations.
  • Duty series for commerce use: economy and simple in service they’re ready to maintain hygienic and cleanliness in the public places.
  • Elite series: sensor operated and integrated with Spout Mixer this faucets allows to save Optional integral temperature control lever as well as Automatic Setting Feature and Microprocessors.
  • L.E.D. series: Troubleshooting LED Indicator Lights.

Durable for years: even for sensor models there are mostly eternal parts like Metal Jacketed Wire Protection.

These modern Sloan faucets have such a lot of advantages to know! Pay your attention and try to find your own preferred models in our catalogue.

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