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Ceiling Fans


As energy prices continue to skyrocket, ceiling fans have become an attractive alternative for homeowners who want to cool their homes within a reasonable budget. With countless designs, styles, and features, ceiling fans are the perfect solution to keeping your home comfortable.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Installing a ceiling fan will make any room more pleasant by increasing circulation and adding aesthetic value. By running your ceiling fan during warmer months you can help lessen the burden on your air conditioning unit, and even eliminate your dependence on A/C. Operate your ceiling fan so that it is spinning in a counter-clockwise direction, which will blow the air down. This will cause the cool, air-conditioned air to increase circulation, resulting in a much more pleasant environment within your home. On mild summer days, you can even use ceiling fans without the assistance of your air conditioning running, which will cut back drastically on energy costs. Simply open your windows when the ceiling fan is operating to create cross ventilation. Installing a ceiling fan can also provide benefits during colder seasons. By switching your fan to run in a clockwise direction, the air will be blown against the ceiling. This helps spread the warm air around and allows you to feel warmer without shelling out cash for gas-guzzling heaters. Another benefit of ceiling fans is that they have the unique ability to liven up otherwise drab rooms. From light oak ceiling fans to elegant glass shades, the decorative options are endless.

Installation Tips

  • Ensure you have a good bracket to fasten the ceiling fan to. Otherwise, your fan will wobble and knock against the sconces.
  • Before installing, make sure your room has adequate height to accommodate a ceiling fan. It’s wise to install ceiling fans in ceilings that are at least 8 feet tall.
  • Measure the size of the room before purchasing your ceiling fan. For example, a fan with 24-inch blades is perfect for a small bedroom or office.

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