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The Benefits of Heating Your Pool

Having an existing swimming pool heater does not mean you have a heated swimming pool. Whether or not you have an existing heater, you can keep your pool warmer year long with free energy from the sun and easily enjoy all of the benefits of a heated swimming pool without the added costs. In most areas of Florida a solar heater can extend a swim season for over 340 days of temperatures well over 80 degrees.

1. More Quality Time with Family.

Everyone knows that children love the swimming pool. What most people forget is children love the swimming pool more when the whole family is playing. One of the main benefits of a heated swimming pool in Florida is that the whole family can enjoy warm, luxurious temperatures well above 80 degrees year long. Mom no longer has to sit on the steps with her legs in the pool, she can enjoy the benefits of a heated swimming pool with her kids.

2. Low Impact Exercise and Aerobics.

If you want to swim laps go to the Olympic pool at the gym or club house. One of the benefits of a heated swimming pool in your back yard is you can easily do low impact exercises and aerobics every morning, afternoon or evening with no appointments or check ins required. Many doctors will agree that a warm swimming pool combined with low impact exercises are great for your health and well being.

Greater Return on Investment.

For many their greatest investment is their home. For home owners with an unheated swimming pool they might fee like they aren’t getting much of a return. The added costs of the swimming pool in their mortgage, taxes, insurance and electric bill payment come every month whether you swim or not. This is not to mention all of the maintenance and equipment replacement costs you will incur over time. You may be spending over $250-300 per month paying for your pool. One of the benefits of a heated swimming pool is you are able to enjoy that payment. With a solar heater, you should be able to enjoy your pool year long for less than a cup of coffee each day.

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