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Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

Warm, comfy floors aren’t the only benefit of radiant floor heating (RFH). Replacing your home’s traditional heating system with RFH can help you save energy and money. Whether you plan on installing an electric or hydronic RFH, read on to learn more about the many other advantages of radiant floor heating systems.


Rather than pumping heated air into your home, radiant floor heating warms your space naturally, similar to the way the sun heats the ground. Traditional heating systems blow warm air into the space, creating a breeze that makes the air seem cooler. When this happens, many people tend to turn up the heat, resulting in more energy usage. But with radiant floor heating, heat is slowly released from the ground up without requiring a fan and air ducts (and thus more energy) to spread warmth into the space.

Comfortable, Healthy Air

Allergy sufferers can benefit from clean, healthy air when using radiant floor heating. Because this type of system doesn’t need a fan to blow warm air into your home, dust particles and other contaminants are not circulated in the air. In addition, temperatures feel more comfortable and natural because the warmth is distributed more evenly.


Radiant floor heating is much more quiet than traditional forced air heating systems because loud fans aren’t needed for them to operate.