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Waste Maid WM-658

Selecting The Best Garbage Disposal For Your Home or Office


One of the most useful and convenient home inventions is the garbage disposal. Easy food disposal is certainly preferable to dealing with odor from a garbage can. But no two garbage disposals were created exactly the same, so you’ll want to do a bit of research before you purchase your new garbage disposal.

Items to consider when selecting the best garbage disposal for your needs include first and foremost; determining the proper motor size. Smaller motors 3HP - .5 HP are generally best for only the smallest amounts of food waste. Medium sized motors .75 HP are typically suitable for homes with two people, or a very small office kitchen. Garbage disposals with greater horsepower (1HP- 1.25HP) are good for families, and can dispose of larger amounts of food waste.

You will also want to determine whether you need a hardwired garbage disposal or a garbage disposal with a power cord. If you opt for a garbage disposal with a power cord, make sure that it comes with it, or you have an extra cord, as not all disposals come with their own cord.

You’ll want to consider your space limitations when purchasing a garbage disposal, too. The larger capacity disposals will take up more space under your sink. For example, a garbage disposal with a 40 oz grind capacity will be larger than a garbage disposal with 26 oz grind capacity.

There are other features that you may want to consider when shopping for a new garbage disposal. Does it have jam-resistant features? Is there a convenient reset button? Is it quiet? Can it be connected to your dishwasher?

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