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Bionaire BAP815BU
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Bionaire BAP815BU
Bionaire Ionizing HEPA Tower Air Cleaner for Rooms up to 120 Sq. Ft.
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About Bionaire Air Purifiers

WestsideWholesales offers Bionaire air purifiers that can eliminate contaminants in the air. This household appliance is useful for all. However, there are groups of customers that need the devices of this type more than others. Allergy patients and asthmatics feel considerable relief at houses with air purifiers. One can reduce sufferings from second-hand tobacco smoke using Bionaire air purifiers. WestWholesales presents the following products:

  • Bionaire Ionizing HEPA Tower Air Cleaner BAP825U
  • Bionaire Ionizing HEPA Tower Air Cleaner BAP815BU

The main difference between them is the area coverage. The first one fits the accommodation up to 180 square feet while the second one will be useful in the houses up to 120 square feet because of its capacity. It affects the price. One of them is two times more expensive than the other.

Bionaire is a globally famous company that distributes its products in 40 countries of the world. Air purifier is one of the most reliable means for fight with different diseases of contemporary metropolis such as allergies, cardiovascular problems and other conditions. Clean air is a necessary requirement of a normal functioning of the organism. The customers just need to place Bionaire air purifier to the right place and let the appliance do its work! Bionaire air purifiers proved to be reliable, easy to use household appliances with maximal rate of air purification.

Both air purifiers mentioned earlier have remote control that lets the householders operate the device conveniently. Enhance air circulation in the room with device that removes bad odors, ionizes air and is able to remove up to 99% of harmful particles (airborne) with assistance of HEPA filter. Carbon filter captivates pollen, smoke and dust. The light indicator prompts when to change a filter. The unit also has washable prefilter and several speed settings.

Acquire the appliance with sleek and convenient design in the form of a tower. It perfectly fits the corner of the room. In this way, it does not take much space and does not attract attention, doing important and useful work of air purification.

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