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About Blank Wall Plates

Westside Wholesale provides a variety of top quality toggle switch wall plates that utilize the latest design solutions. Keeping our customers satisfied is our paramount goal. For this reason, we cooperate only with conscientious and reputable product manufacturers, producing effective and user friendly equipment and supplies. Wall plates manufactured by Cooper, Leviton and Lutron meet all quality standards and guarantee a lifetime of non-stop functioning.

We present a diverse selection of wall plates, which are easy to install and use. Made of Thermoset, they boast high level of fire- and warp-resistance. Stylish design and ergonomic construction ensure compliance with any interior and easy installation. They are made a little big, so that you can cover any trace or damage left by your previous plate.

All plates have smooth surfaces and therefore can be cleaned easily. If maintained properly, they remain sleek and shining for lifetime. Cleaning is very simple: keep your wall plates clean by wiping them with a piece of soft and dry cloth a few times a week.

Wall plates are provided with matching mounting screws. There are one-gang and multi-gang plates, so you can choose one according to the specifics of your current wire installation. Blank wall plates are great for all types of rooms.

Westside Wholesale offers the following products: Cooper 9527DS Electrical Wall Plate, Aspire Blank Adapter, 1- Gang; Lutron SC-BI-SW Electrical Wall Plate, Decora Blank Insert Plate; Leviton 78014 Electrical Wall Plate, Blank, 1-Gang; Lutron SC-BI-ES Electrical Wall Plate, Decora Blank Insert Plate; Leviton 85033 Electrical Wall Plate, Blank, 3-Gang; Cooper 9527WS Electrical Wall Plate, Aspire Blank Adapter, 1- Gang.

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