Bosch Mini-Tank Water Heaters

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About Bosch Mini-Tank Water Heaters

Westside Wholesale is proud to offer convenient Bosch mini-tank water heaters. Bosch is known for its innovative approach to meeting water heating demands in both professional and home use. residential and commercial spaces. These Bosch point-of-use mini heaters are great for smaller spaces with up to 2 sinks, as it can be installed on the wall or floor directly under the sink.

Point-of-use installation means that water is heated only when activated, cutting down on the energy costs associated with maintaining a hot water tank. A Bosch mini-tank water heater is both cost and space saving with design features like glass lining that extend the life of the product. Westside Wholesale believes these mini-heaters are great additions to small offices, garages, apartments and other green-minded locations.

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