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Light Efficient Design LED-1695
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Light Efficient Design LED-1695
Light Efficient Design R30 LED Bulb, Medium Flood 120V (65W Equiv.) - Dimmable - 5700K - 700 Lm. - 87 CRI
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About BR LED Bulbs

With many applications in indoor flood, recessed, and spot lighting, BR LED bulbs, as well as the similar type-R LED bulbs, are a great way to save on energy costs. Traditionally, R and BR bulbs use energy inefficient halogen or incandescent technology. Here at Westside Wholesale, we offer a wide range of LED BR bulbs for residential and commercial use.

First, a little information about type BR and type T light bulb options. BR means "bulbous reflector", whereas R stands for "reflector" and you can see the difference in the shape of the top of the bulb. BR bulbs are traditionally more focused and energy efficient than R bulbs, though this difference is less noticeable when it comes to LED bulbs. Most BR and R LED bulbs have the same base, the standard E26 Edison screw and can be used interchangeably if they are the same size.

When shopping for LED bulbs, it's important to order the correct bulb shape for your fixture. The number following BR or R refers to the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch. LED BR30 bulbs, for example, would be 30 eighth inches, or 3.75 inches. This is important to know because BR30 LED light bulbs will fit smaller fixtures than BR40 models.

Switching to LED bulbs is very easy, as they feature the same bases as their halogen and incandescent counterparts, and cost efficient. They tend to have much longer lifespans and require a much lower energy expenditure to operate. This is why many LED BR bulbs on our site feature an actual wattage rating, as well as an equivalent wattage, meaning what an equivalent incandescent or halogen bulb would require to run. This allows our customers to both notice the savings they could get with an LED bulb, as well as shop quickly when finding a replacement bulb for those who know the wattage of their current light bulbs.

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