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Braeburn is a leading company in controlling indoor air temperatures. Keeping an eye on innovative ideas and contemporary designs has helped Braeburn Systems LLC provide customers with some of the highest-quality thermostats in the industry. All models use modern technology and are factory-tested to ensure that customers receive reliable digital and mechanical thermostats.

Braeburn digital electronic and electro-mechanical thermostats are used by professional contractors and home builders alike. They also provide a wide range of easy-to-install, compatible accessories, like remote sensors and wall plates, to improve the usefulness of Braeburn thermostats. These technologically advanced thermostats make it easy to increase comfort while lowering energy costs in the home.

Westside Wholesale is an official distributor of Braeburn mechanical and digital thermostats and accessories. All Braeburn product lines have distinctive benefits, whether economical, geared towards ease-of-use, or for maximum comfort. Here at Westside Wholesale, we carry a growing array of Braeburn thermostats from their most popular series, so you can find the one that best suits your specific needs.

Braeburn thermostats can be a beneficial investment that will help to fine-tune the temperature in your home. Programmable digital thermostats from Braeburn come with user-friendly displays that have a bright blue backlight which makes it easy for you to see the controls and current settings.

These thermostats come with various features to best accommodate your needs, from simple manual control to the most comprehensive programmable models. Braeburn programmable thermostats can come in versions where you set different programs for weekdays and weekends, different daily schedules, and more. Depending on the Braeburn thermostat purchased, you can also control multiple heating and cooling systems at once, allowing for a single access point for all temperature controls in the home.