BRK Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm

About BRK Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm

Protect your home with a BRK Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Combination Alarm. Designed to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide, the silent killer, a combo alarm from BRK can help protect your home from fire or gas leaks. Sleep peacefully with a BRK carbon monoxide and smoke combo alarm.

Westside Wholesale offers great choice of affordable and reliable BRK Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms that protect any home from deadly household fire threats. Intelligent Sensing Technology combined with Smart Interconnect features reduces the number of nuisance alarms and helps identify the source of alert in no time. That way, BRK Alarms offered at Westside Wholesale represent a perfect combination of price and functionality and make a great choice for both commercial and residential installation.

Manufactured from high quality durable materials BRK Smoke Alarms become one of the best options for smoke alarm systems installed in public places, for example, schools, hospitals or offices. Such devices have anti-vandal design that protects them from unauthorized intrusion or theft attempts. BRK Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms can also be installed as part of interconnected system with multiple devices and are equipped with two silence features allowing to temporarily silence the unwanted alarm.

In addition, BRK Smoke Alarms kits offered at Westside Wholesale include new mounting bracket for easy and secure installation. Perfect alignment of the device is provided by a wide rotation range, making it suitable for installation in hard to reach areas.

Combined photoelectric and electrochemical smoke detecting technologies increase the functionality of a single device and make sure both carbon monoxide and fire smokes are detected in time to prevent them from damaging the property and injuring people.

Westside Wholesale offers low-cost solutions to increase the fire safety of any house or office by selling BRK Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms. Each device in this category can be purchased without costly repercussions and contributes in ensuring safety of a family with average budget. Among various suppliers of smoke alarms, BRK is the company that invented such devices in 1964 and is being selected by thousands of homeowners and contractors in US and Canada since then.

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