BRK Smoke Alarms

How to Select

About BRK Smoke Alarms

BRK smoke alarms offer potentially life-saving coverage with a wide range of options for sensor type, including photoelectric, ionization and combination models. The choice of smoke alarm sensor type will depend on its placement. For example, photoelectric models of BRK smoke alarms might be preferred for settings that attract smoldering fires, like kitchens, while ionization only sensors help guarantee safety in bedrooms. Combination smoke detector alarms provide protection against both types of fires, which is preferred in out of the way locations like recesses and tiny hallways between rooms.

Regardless of sensor type chosen, you can be sure that your smoke detector will last for years to come as BRK smoke alarms have been a leader in the residential safety industry for well over 50 years. Westside Wholesale carries a diverse selection of BRK smoke alarms to match many different needs.

Some BRK smoke alarms can connect to other systems, creating thorough interconnectivity of up to 18 outside devices like other smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, bells, repeaters, and sirens. Battery powered and hardwired options are included in our inventory, as well, so be sure to consider which features are best for your fire safety needs. Many of the detectors feature both power types, providing a battery backup in case the power to the home or office goes out.

Here at Westside Wholesale, we're also proud to offer both the latest and time-tested models of BRK smoke alarms. We also stock BRK detector accessories like adapter plugs and alarm accessory relays to help you set up your ideal system.

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