Broan® Fans, Vent Hoods, HVAC, Heaters, & Purifiers

Broan® Fans, Vent Hoods, HVAC, Heaters, & Purifiers

Broan Products

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Broan Air Purifier HEPA Filter
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Broan 634
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Broan 634
Broan Roof Cap, 8" Round Duct - Black
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An industry leader in ventilation, Broan has created a line of fans, vent hoods, heaters, and more for home and commercial use. Westside Wholesale is authorized to sell this leading brand of bathroom and kitchen ventilation products. Since the invention of the Motordor Fan by Henry Broan in 1932, the company has gone on to win many industry awards including International Service Excellence Awards, Awards for Design Excellence, Dealer Design Awards, Excellence in Design Awards, Green Product Awards, and numerous others.

The Westside Wholesale selection of Broan bathroom products includes fans, ceiling mounted heaters, switches, wall heaters, and more. These items come from some of the brand's most well-known collections, including SmartSense and the energy-efficient ULTRA GREEN line. Westside Wholesale strives to bring a regularly updated, competitively priced inventory of Broan bath fans and lights, perfect for retrofits and new build outs alike.

Broan bathroom fans provide many options for ventilation. There are affordable economy models as well as builder packs; these can contribute to significant savings to homeowners and professionals alike. We also carry Broan combination fans, which offer the customer their choice of quiet ventilation, lights, humidity sensors, night lights, Bluetooth speakers, and much more. Broan through the wall fans are also available for spaces where ceiling installations aren't possible or preferable.

Plus, Broan is known for its innovative approach to installation. The company's fans are well-known by professional contractors for being easy to install without sacrificing ventilation quality. For additional mounting possibilities, there are also low profile and duct free Broan fans.

Broan offers the same commitment to their innovative wall heaters, ceiling mounted heaters, and switches. These products serve to make the bathroom experience much more comfortable, whether used in conjunction with Broan fans or not. Other innovative Broan ventilation products include heat recovery ventilators, attic ventilation fans, HVAC dampers, duct work, and kitchen range hoods.

Westside Wholesale has Broan fans in many different duct sizes and ventilation capacities. This allows you to find the ideal fan for your space and home's ventilation system. If you have any questions about or want to purchase Broan heaters or fans, don't hesitate to contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team.