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Broan BP87
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Broan BP87
Broan 7" Vertical Discharge Double-Leaf Damper
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About Broan HVAC Dampers

As clients are oriented to save money on utility bills, the homeowners today search for smart ways to apply energy-efficient solutions. That is when Broan HVAC damper comes into scene. Our online store is always looking for ways to enhance our product line and to ensure the best quality products are being sold at affordable prices at Westside Wholesale web-site. Delivering only the quality products allows us to ship products at reduced costs. When it comes to smart ventilation system use, nothing goes into comparison than a simple device a duct damper.

Being installed within air conditioning, heating and ventilation duct, the Broan HVAC damper is simply perfect to rerouting the airflow in the house. As it rigorously controls the airflow, the damper prevents the air to enter specified spaces in the household. These devices are simply perfect for indoor temperature control and humidity levels control ensuring full climate control.

Being an integral part of any home ventilation systems, the Broan vertical discharge double-leaf damper is easy to install. The vertical damper is able to maximize the airflow while reducing the sound. Being installed near ventilation fan or a hood, the Broan vertical discharge damper is perfect solution and serves for a long time as a ducting accessory. Specifically designed for Broan and other ventilation brands products, the damper use enhances the overall ventilation system work. We offer the 7” Vertical Discharge Double-Leaf Damper that is designed to be used as a ventilation accessory with Broan range hoods model 422401. A winning type of ventilation Broan accessory, the product is being offered at affordable price. Keep in mind that we offer discounted prices on all shipping costs and the product will be delivered right to your door within 1-3 business days.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please, contact our Customer Service Support that will be able to address your needs.

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