Take advantage of Bundle Discounts

Group Bundle Items in your order and save up to 4% on those items!

Look for the Bundle icon to Save 4% when you purchase Bundle Items with the Bundle icon. You can identify what items qualify you for Bundle Discounts by looking for the Bundle icon. Items with a Bundle icon will also list Bundle Discount Pricing beside the item.

What are Bundle Discounts and How do they Work?

Bundle Discounts are earned when you purchase eligible items together in the same order. Once you have over $199 in Bundle Discount Items in your shopping cart, you will earn a 4% off discount on those items. You can also earn additional Bundle Discounts over $199 (4% off).

NOTE: Bundle Discounts are applied at each threshold level. Bundle Discount thresholds are based on the adjusted final sale total after existing discounts have been applied.

If you are currently already qualifying for bundle discounts, the discount is applied first. To reach the next tier level, the adjusted total is used.

Can I Buy in Bulk and Receive Bundle Discounts?

YES! You can buy any Bundle Discount item to qualify, including buying multiples of the same item. Stock up on the items you need today and save even more when you purchase them together.

Eligible items in the store have Bundle Discount pricing listed beside each product. Once a Quantity level has been reached, your order total will automatically adjust itself to meet the Discounted pricing structure.

Can I Reorder Bundle Discount Orders?

YES! All orders placed that qualify for Bundle Discounts can be easily reordered, and you can earn the same discounts on each Bundle order you place.

NOTE: If you reorder single items, you will not receive Bundle Discounts on that product unless your new order has met Bundle Discount requirements.

All Bundle Discounted Orders also qualify for FREE Standard Ground Shipping!

How it Works on the Website:

When an item is added to your cart that qualifies for Bundle Discounts, a Bundle icon will appear on your shopping cart beside the qualifying item. Feel free to increase your quantities (if desired), or order more Bundle Items to qualify your order eligible for Bundle Discounts.

In different areas of the website, you will get notifications about your Bundle Items, including at Checkout.

Bundle discounts info examples

Getting to the Next Tier of Bundle Discounts:

Each item has a set quantity that is required in your shopping cart to receive bundle discounts, you can also mix & match qualifying items. Once your order qualifies to receive discounts (your bundle items total reaches $199), you will get further notification through the website to explain the adjusted pricing.

If your order qualifies, all bundle items (*if eligible) that are added to this same order will receive the bundle discounts. To reach the next tier of discounts, the existing discount is applied, and your adjusted total is considered. Please take this into account if you would like to receive higher level discounts.

What happens if I remove Bundle Items from my cart?

If you remove bundle items from your cart once your order qualifies for Bundle Discounts, your discounts will be removed from your order until you have reached over $199 (4% off) in Bundle Items in your cart. Keep in mind, if you are on one of the three bundle discount tiers, and your order totals are changed, your discount will only process based on the tier at which your final order qualifies.

I'm Ordering some Bundle Items, and some Non-Bundle Items. How do I know what gets discounted?

As you process your order, you will notice discounts beside your bundle items to show where discounts have been applied. The items that do not qualify for Bundle Discounts will not have this notification. Also, if you have not yet reached the first tier of bundle discounts, there will not yet be any discount applied. To receive the discounts, increase your order quantities, or order additional bundle items to qualify.

Things to Consider:

  • Only selected items in the store qualify for Bundle Discounts - look for Tiered pricing notifications and Bundle icon labels to help identify Bundle Discount Items.
  • Bundle Discounts ONLY apply to Bundle Discount Items. You will not receive the added discounts on non-qualifying items.
  • Bundle Discounts ONLY apply to the current order.
  • Once your order has qualified for Bundle Discounts, and Bundle Items are removed from your cart, the qualifying bundle discount may change or be removed based on your updated quantities.
    EXAMPLE: If your order exceeds $199 in Bundle Items (Eligible for a 4% Bundle Discount), and you remove $199 in Bundle Items before processing your order, the final Bundle Discount will only reflect the most current qualifying Discount. In this example, your Bundle Discount will decrease to 4% off your Bundle Items, placing you in the first tier of Bundle Discounts. However, if you add additional Bundle Items to raise your total over $199 (in Bundle Items), you will become eligible for the 4% Bundle Discount again.
  • Bundle Discounts are applied first, and your adjusted total is used for the next level of discounts. Therefore, to receive a 4% discount, your adjusted Bundle Items total must be over $199 on your Bundle Items.