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Cadet RBF101
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Cadet RBF101
Cadet 120V 1000W Fan-Forced Wall Heater With Grill & Frame Only - Chrome (Open Box Item)
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About Cadet Bathroom Heaters

Shop the widest collection of Cadet bathroom heaters; all the top-ranked series. Feel the benefits of cadet heating products designed by one of the market leaders in bathroom heating.

Cadet Manufacturing began its story in 1957. Their heating products were exciting with their modern, cleanliness, easy to use, and rising the standards of comfort to new levels. Besides low energy costs, bathroom heaters offered by Cadet offer electric zonal heating. In your house each living space can has its own heater and thermostat control.

Con-Pack series: is Cadet’s first heater with both multi-watt and multi-volt available options. Each cadet bathroom heater model has 60-minute auto-timer that overrides the thermostat setting for instant temperature, and provides convenience. The fan is equipped with a slim profile grill, which is perfect for any contemporary décor and still taking up little space. The sealed painted element made with Durable steel tube and plate constructed resists rusting and increases durability. Meet the In-Wall mounted series (Cadet CSC202TW) or Con-Pack Plus (Cadet CSC102TW) for extra features.

Also for large and spacious bathrooms Cadet offers a bathroom heater called the Com-Pak Twin Plus like an ideal choice (Cadet CSTC402TW). Both halves are connected behind a single grill and covered with Nichrome coil element for quick heat. This technology provides all the benefits for a wall-mounted thermostat. Meet optimum performance or prefer an optional built-in mounting.

NLW series: proven, reliable cadet bathroom fan heaters for larger spaces. The grill frame is standard on all the units and provides even air distribution on the summer month. Gently warming the area in bathroom and quiet operating. Also included is an adjustable automatic quick-action thermostat control with temperature range 40°F to 85°F. Painting with Powder coat eliminates from metal edges. (see the Cadet NLW302TW model).

SL series: is a brilliant performance fan heater for large and medium bathrooms. A unique design provides air turbulence to deliver heat quietly. It has aesthetically pleasing look and double pole Built-in thermostat with range from 40°F to 85°F. Also included is an Automatic quick-action thermostat control is also included. (Cadet SL252TW).

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