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Can Replacing Your Light Switches, Receptacles and Wall Plates Improve Your Home?


By simply replacing your light switches, receptacles, and wall plates, you can upgrade your home, increase the resale value, and create a polished appearance without shelling out cash for an interior designer. Here’s how you can improve your home’s aesthetics.

Light Switches

For instant elegance, consider choosing a rocker light switch. Rocker light switches have a low-profile design, which creates a streamlined appearance compared with other models that stand out. For added sophistication, consider installing a sliding dimmer switch. This will also give you the added benefit of having increased lighting control, allowing you to control the look and feel of any room.


Most homes have the standard beige receptacles even if their wall color has long since changed. Step up your style by matching the receptacle to the color scheme of the room for a truly seamless look. There are many innovative receptacles available that will complement any décor.

Wall Plates

Although seemingly subtle, changing your wall plate can polish off the appearance of your room. A stainless steel wall plate will serve as a great addition to contemporary rooms, while black can look quite striking in artistic living spaces. There are even wall plates available with different textures and creative prints to enhance your style.

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