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Elco Lighting ET540B

Can track lighting be installed anywhere?


Unlike the restrictions of recessed lighting, track lighting can be installed virtually anywhere and offers ample flexibility with respect to your lighting options.

Track Lighting Basics

While recessed lighting is installed into the ceiling, track lighting is essentially a rail-based system that is mounted to the ceiling, upon which a series of hanging lights are arranged according to your needs. The main types of track lighting systems are: basic, cable, and monorail. With a basic track lighting system, the track is connected to the ceiling. A monorail system has a track that hangs just a few inches below the ceiling. A cable system consists of two cables that run alongside each other, with lights hanging from the center of the two cables.

Track Lighting Benefits

 When it comes to decorative lighting, track lighting provides the ultimate versatility. While other lighting options are more invasive, installing track lighting is a minimally-disruptive process because it does not have to be installed deep into the ceiling. Most systems can also be quickly adjusted manually by sliding the lights around as needed, without having to completely reinstall the system. Additionally, you can control the lights individually, which allows you to create a dazzling display for parties or intimate social gatherings.

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