Candelabra LED Bulbs

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About Candelabra LED Bulbs

Candelabra LED bulbs are great ways to bring energy efficiency to chandeliers, pendant lighting, and other decorative lighting applications. Candelabra refers to two types of bulbs: smaller bulbs with an E12 base and bulbs with the candle/candelabra shape. The candelabra LED light bulbs here at Westside Wholesale include both types of bulbs.

E12 bulbs are generally used in decorative lighting fixtures. They feature a smaller base (the number following the E is the bulb base's diameter in millimeters), though they can have many different bulb shapes. The shape of the bulb provides a warm glow, much like the actual flame of a candle. E26 candelabra bulbs have a larger base and have the elegant candelabra shape, known as a flame tip.

These LED bulbs operate at a fraction of the wattage as their standard incandescent counterparts. For example, the candelabra LED bulbs 40W equivalent might be around 5W. The candelabra led bulbs 60W equivalent, similarly, is usually around 7.5W. Non-LED light bulbs typically waste energy through creating radiant heat, which his much less of a problem with LED bulbs. Plus, they use the same base, which makes replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs very easy.

Some other things to consider when shopping for LED candelabra light bulbs are color temperature and lumen output. Color temperature refers to the whiteness of the light of the bulb and lumen output refers to the brightness. You'll want to make sure your LED candelabra light matches your room's aesthetic. When using these bulbs in decorative lighting, you might also want to consider dimmable candelabra LED bulbs for more control over your lighting. If you have any questions about candelabra LED bulbs or would like to purchase some, feel free to contact a team member at Westside Wholesale.

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