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Cavaliere AP238-PS37-30
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Cavaliere AP238-PS37-30
Cavaliere 30" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Mount Range Hood
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Cavaliere hoods are meticulously designed and manufactured in high quality brushed stainless steel 19" gauge for stylish kitchens and workplaces. Manufactured by Atlas International, Cavaliere® has been one of the leaders in the range hood industry since 2005.

The Cavaliere® range hood line expertly exhausts kitchen fumes, smoke, odors, steam, and heat with a quiet motor and relatively low noise level. Range hoods are intended for venting thru the roof and wall, however, ductless conversion is possible using a recirculating kit which consists of air diverter and charcoal filter. The recirculating kit arrives pre-installed when purchased with a Cavaliere® hood. Upon conversion, the range hood functions as an air purifying range hood as opposed to an exhaust hood.

In producing durable stainless steel range hoods, Cavaliere uses high-quality components and the latest technology. Cavaliere®'s refined workmanship and attention to ergonomics, aesthetics, and integration within the home make it a popular choice domestically and internationally.

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