Ceiling Fans

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How to Select

About Ceiling Fans

Necessity. Westside Wholesale offers the wide range of ceiling fans for any room. With this appliance the room looks larger and lighter that it was before. This effect is created by the air circulation. Many people doubt is there is a need in a fan especially if they already have a conditioner. However, there is a great difference between them. The conditioner only cools the air, whereas a fan rotates the air throughout the room creating a constant airflow. Thus, the cold air pockets remove and the air has an even temperature in the whole room. During the hot weather fans produce chilling effect, and there is less probability to catch a cold with a fan rather than with a conditioner.

Features. A number of features can make the life easier and better. A remote control to control the appliance from the bed or from any other place in the room is among them. There should also be an opportunity to change the rotation direction from clockwise to the counter-clockwise. Useful additions are several speed settings. These features distinguish common fans from the qualitative and up to date models.

Efficiency. To understand which fan is good and which is not, remember that an ideal fan has airflow of at least 4000 cubic feet per minute. It is a scale that is rated by the Air Movement and Control Association. For those who do not want to increase the bills with one more appliance, there are low-profile ceiling fans that consume not more than 60 watts. For the customers concerned with the design and light there are fans with lights, but do not forget that the usage of energy is higher in this case.

Design. Tastes differ, but there is something that will look good in any case. Pay attention to the fans with metal details such as chrome, silver and bronze. Lights also add a special charm to the whole room atmosphere. Moreover, there are flush-mount ceiling fans that can be more expensive, but they are convenience elements that do not sacrifice the interior style.

Westside Wholesale chose the best fans on the market. Now you only need to find the one that suits your interior and taste.

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