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Chlorine Generators vs. Floating Chlorine Dispensers


In order to keep the water in your pool free from contaminants, it’s necessary to add chlorine on a regular basis. There are a variety of ways in which to do so, including chlorine generators and floating chlorine dispensers.


Chlorine generators and floating chlorine dispensers are both relatively user friendly; it simply comes down to a matter of preference. Chlorine generators use ordinary salt to generate chlorine via electrolysis. Once you’ve added salt pellets into a chamber on the generator, a small electrical current separates the sodium from the chlorine. The chlorine is then distributed into the pool through hoses, and a sodium byproduct is left in a separate chamber for disposal. You can also directly add granulated salt into your pool water, where it is then filtered through the generator, receives an electric current, and the water becomes chlorinated. With this option, there is no sodium byproduct to remove. Floating chlorine dispensers are likewise easy to use. Chlorine tablets are placed inside of the dispenser, and then the chlorine is dispensed into your pool as needed. Adjustable vents at the base of the dispenser allow you to add more chlorine if needed.


Chlorine generators require very little maintenance. To keep your generator running smoothly and efficiently, it’s recommended that the generator cell be removed and cleaned on a yearly basis. Most pool owners choose to do so at the beginning of each swimming season. Floating chlorine dispensersare also low maintenance, but you will need to add chlorine tablets frequently. Additionally, since the floating unit is constantly being exposed to the elements, you may need to replace it every few years.


While their initial installation is more costly than floating chlorinators, chlorine generators require less maintenance and upkeep, allowing you to enjoy your pool without wasting time worrying about chlorination. Many pool owners also prefer chlorine generators because there is no detectable chemical odor or taste, and no discomfort on skin. Floating chlorine dispensers are still a suitable option, as they provide an efficient way to chlorinate your pool, and they come in a variety of decorate designs and styles. Although the dispenser itself is very inexpensive, you will be required to purchase and store large amounts of chlorine tablets. Whatever your needs may be, chlorine generators and floating chlorine dispensers are both great options for chlorinating your pool.

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