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Bemis 1955CT-000

Choosing the Right Toilet Seat


There are many options when considering choosing a replacement toilet seat. Shape, mounting option, material and style are some of the factors when deciding. Complementing your bathroom decor is also at the forefront of your thoughts. Lets explore these options and help you make the best decision for your home.


Though toilet seats do not come in different sizes, they do have two distinct shapes; round or elongated. Most homes have round toilets. The elongated versions are growing in popularity in recent years. Check your bowl shape to ensure you buy the correct shape.


 Standard toilets have conventional bolt-and-nut mounts. The other option is an integral bolt and nut; these however can be a pain to remove and require drilling.


There are a multitude of options as far as material is concerned. You can choose from plastic, wood and cushioned. These are also offered in a variety of colors and finishes. Take into consideration what you and your families needs are. Plastic tends to hold onto a colder temperature and can show signs from cleaning. Wood can be stained by most bathroom cleaners. Cushioned seats may tend to be more comfortable but can crack or split. Make sure to match the white of your toilet if you want a montone look.

Identifying your Specific Needs

Potty Training is made easy with a Bemis convertible seat. You can easily go from toddler to adult size seat by simply lifting the smaller inner seat.

A Standard Round White Bowl will be perfectly complemented by our Bemis seat and cover. Perfect for a the minimalist or small bathroom.