Cooper Wiring Fan Speed Control

Cooper Wiring 9543WS
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Cooper Wiring 9543WS
Cooper Wiring Fan Speed Control Aspire Fully Variable, 5A - White Satin
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About Cooper Wiring Fan Speed Control

Westside Wholesale offers Cooper Fan Speed Controls that can be used to control any fan or light device in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Such items have the following features that not only make the installation process easier, but also enhance safety and comfort in every room of the house. Here are just some of the features:

  • Two installation options available, including push-in and side wiring;
  • No additional wires needed during installation;
  • Combined 3-way or single-pole versions allow to place multiple devices in one switch;
  • On/Off switching can be automatically programmed to fit the needs of a device depending on its location. For example, a fan can be set to turn On every time a person leaves the bathroom;
  • Stable fan speed levels are maintained in case of power failure in the house;
  • Amperage of 5 Amps, electrostatic discharge protection;
  • Heat-resistant long-lasting material is easily cleaned;
  • Cooper Fan Controls fit various types of standard wall plates, are suitable for multi-gang installations and can become a nice addition to compliment the décor of any room;
  • Innovative technologies use less electricity and help save energy;
  • Special circuitry reduces fan noise when the device is working on low speeds. This feature is really useful for fans installed in a nursery, as it allows maintaining a quiet and calm atmosphere during nap times and night sleeps.
  • Easy and precise switch operation.

In addition to the features above, Cooper Fan Speed Controls are equipped with power failure memory that makes sure the devices are not exposed to voltage spikes. They also help save the environment and money spent on monthly energy bills. Stylish finishes and dirt-resistant surfaces make Cooper Fan Speed Controls a nice addition to the décor of any house.

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