Cooper Wiring Network Infrastructure

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About Cooper Wiring Network Infrastructure

Cooper is a world famous brand having popularity in all the countries and possessing its popularity for being a leader manufacturer of electrical production for distributing and controlling electricity, providing circuit protection, supporting telecommunications and electronic components and offering security and fire detection.

The most actual models of the cooper network infrastructure line we have here at Westside Wholesales and will be glad to introduce to our clients’ attention. An amazing combination of quality and superb technical characteristics of cooper production with affordable prices and variety of products made this choice just excellent for us and we hope for our customers as well.

At Westside Wholesales we have a row of mount jack models by Cooper presented in a variety of colors such as white satin, silver granite, desert sand. Such variety makes the choice easy and for any clients’ needs and preferences. Color variety of the models presented makes it also easier to choose a product that will blend perfectly with any home décor and design which is very important factor especially for some clients. Such flush mount jack will easily blend into the walls providing clean look and adding a touch of style to it.

The mount jacks by Cooper can work with any standard rocker style wall plate or decorator which is sold separately. Some of the cooper mount jack models feature hidden integrated jack cover that allows closing the jack when it is not used creating sleek appearance and keeping dust from reaching the jack.

At Westside Wholesales we care about our clients’ time and help to save it providing all the necessary information in the detailed description to every item we have in store. The Cooper mounts jack models have a description of features they possess as well as technical characteristics and specifications such as jack type, color, mounting type, quantity of jacks, termination type and standards and certifications. This information will make the choice of product quick and easy.

The Mount jack models come with 2 year limited warranty.

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