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Providing many solutions for cable and floor heating, Danfoss is a leader in the radiant heat industry. With its motto of "Aspiration, Promise and Behavior", the company believes in being a responsible world citizen. This means that Danfoss heating products are designed to be eco-conscious and durable, reducing energy excess and waste created by shoddy, disposable products. Danfoss heating systems often are more efficient than top down heating structures and, unless it's installed in a cold region, can usually act as the only heating source in the home.

Danfoss heating cables are some of their most well-regarded products. This includes their line of electric floor heating mats. These Danfoss heating mat systems are easy to install; simply place them under your standard flooring. They're great for renovation and remodel use, especially because they add no significant height to the floor level. However, Danfoss electric floor heating mats are just as effective in new construction applications, especially because they are designed to be straightforward one package solutions.

Alternatively, Danfoss floor heating cables offer a more flexibility when it comes to designing a home or office heating solution. They do require a more complicated installation, though. This makes them more ideal for new building use and larger renovation projects, as those applications typically happen alongside a new floor construction.

To enhance your Danfoss heating experience, the company also designs thermostats and other accessories. This includes a buzzer to notify if part of the heating mat or cable system is interrupted during installation and strapping for securing the cables during use. Danfoss electric thermostats are compatible with heating mat and cables and ensure that the room is always heated at just the right temperature.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Danfoss heating mats, cables, and accessories. We carry them in a wide range of sizes and uses. If you're looking for a specific Danfoss mat or cable or have a specific question, feel free to reach out to a member of the Westside Wholesale team.

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