Decora Wall Plates

Lutron CW-1-LA
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Lutron CW-1-LA
Lutron Claro Screwless Wall Plate, 1-Gang, Light Almond, Decora-Style
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About Decora Wall Plates

Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of Decora wall plates for your home and office. Decora refers to the standard size used by most rocker, dimmer, and slider light switches, as well as many GFCI outlets and phone/data jacks. It's also referred to as a decorator wall plate or a rocker plate.

There are many things to consider when choosing your Decora plate. For one, be sure to choose the right number of gangs, most often 1-Gang through 6-Gang. "Gang" refers to the number of openings, which will typically correspond to the number of switches you want to install.

However, Westside Wholesale also offers Decora fillers and blank wall plates. These can help cover up large electrical box openings or to reserve space for a future addition. An oversized decorator wall plate, which has the standard opening size but a larger overall area, can also achieve the same results. Some people will refer to an oversized plate as a jumbo plate. This is important because a wall plate should cover an electrical box opening completely, both for aesthetic and safety purposes.

A Decora wall plate can also come in a combo plate design. This refers to a wall plate with a Decora opening in one or more gangs and a standard duplex, single outlet, toggle light, Coax, phone jack, or other type of opening in the others. These Decora combination wall plates are usually reversible, allowing for the installer to choose the arrangement of openings.

Finally, Decora wall plates feature either a screwless or screw-visible design. Screwless wall plates install with a cover that obscures the exposed screws. This creates a sleek, easy to clean look on the wall. Decora plates that have visible screws are just as common and will often come with screws with a matching finish. They are often easier to remove and replace than screwless models.

Westside Wholesale's decorator plate selection also covers a wide range of colors and brands. Colors are almost always standard across the same brand, allowing for easy matching when installing multiple wall plates in a room. We stock electrical wall plates from top brands and leaders in the field, including Leviton, Lutron, and Cooper Industries. Contact us if you have any questions about Decora plates or would like to place an order.

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