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Do I Need an Electronic Transformer Or a Magnetic Transformer?


A transformer is a device that helps aid in low-voltage lighting systems. It can raise or reduce the wattage of the lamps in your lighting area. It converts standard electricity to a current used for lamps. Understanding the function of a magnetic or electric transformer will help you make an educated decision about which system will benefit you.

Magnetic Transformers 
This system has two coils of wire called the primary and the secondary. The primary wire will carry the input or voltage and creates the magnetic flow which begins the current in the secondary wire. The primary wire has more coils which allows for it to carry more voltage. The exact output depends on how many windings are in the two coils.

There are two typed of magnetic transformers: stacked laminated and torodial. A stacked laminated trnasformer is square while the torodial is a doughnut shape. Stacked laminates usually last 15 to 20 years while a torodial can last even longer and are the quietest system available. Both types operate at a higher tempurature than an electrical. This system is typically not aesthetically pleasing and can be bulky. It needs to be close to the source.

Electronic Transformers 
This type of system contains an inverter. An inverter changes the frequency at which the alternating current into the transformer changes directions. The higher the frequency of the voltage, the smaller the transformer needs to be to provide the required output voltage.
The electronic transformers are lighter and smaller than their magnetic counterparts. They are also more budget friendly but are noisy and only last 5-6 years. They are also heat-sensitive.

Does Westside Wholesale carry both systems? Yes, in fact we carry a variety of electrical and magnetic transformers including combination systems. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best systems by trusted manufacturers such as: Acme Transformers, Hatch, Ark and Halo to name a few. Shop electrical transformers types

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