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Understand the Different Types of Dimmers

Light dimmers provide an easy way to control the ambiance of your home. When it comes time to choose a dimmer switch, it’s helpful to know the differences between the types of dimmers available in order to install the correct ones for your lighting setup. If you’re not sure what’s the difference between a standalone dimmer and a companion dimmer switch, read on to learn more about the different types of dimmers and find out which one is right for you.

Single-Pole Dimmer

A single-pole dimmer switch controls one or more lights in a single location.

Three-Way Dimmer

An alternative to a single-pole switch, a 3-way dimmer switch can control several lights that are in different locations.

Multi-Location Dimmer

A multi-location dimmer switch allows for full-range dimming from different locations, including with 3-way dimmers.

Companion Dimmer

A companion dimmer switch is used with one or more single-pole master dimmers. It allows you to control lights in multiple locations using a single dimmer. It’s important to note that this cannot be used as a standalone dimmer, and that some models cannot be used with a 3-way switch.

Once you determine how you’d like to set up your home’s lighting controls, check out our full range of dimmer switch options. We carry leading brands like Lutron, Leviton, Cooper and WattStopper, with models in a variety of colors, dimmer styles, job usages, wattages and more to suit your needs.

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