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Elco Lighting EL5224W

The Different Types of Recessed Lighting Trim


What is recessed lighting?

 A recessed or down-light as it is sometimes called is a light fixture that is installed in a hollow opening in a ceiling. It appears to be a light shining from a hold in the ceiling and concentrated in a downward direction. Recessed lighting has two parts, the trim and the housing. Trim is the visible portion of the light that is around the frame of the light. The housing is the light fixture itself and holds the lamp.

What are the benefits of recessed lighting?

 There are many reasons you might want to consider installing recessed lighting in your home.

Cost Efficient
Most recessed lighting use energy efficient parts and can operate on a lower voltage than other lighting sources.

Easy Installation
This type of lighting can virtually be installed anywhere there is a flat surface and electrical access. This can be sloped or vaulted ceilings, walls, under stairways, porches, patios and even underwater.

Recessed lighting is a great way to bring ambiance into your living space. It can even be accent lighting or bring a brighter source in your kitchen or office.

Fully Customizable
The recessed lighting trim can virtually be changed to accent or complement any space inside or out. It can be a solid color or have beautiful mirror like surfaces.

Because the lighting is recessed into the wall or ceiling, this type of lighting does not impede on your decor or space.

Let us help you explore and chose the best recessed lighting fixture for your needs.

Our Top Picks for:

Gimbal Trim/Ring
Try our Halo recessed light with an adjustable gimbal trimming. This trim fits any standard recessed lighting fixture.

Shower Trim
Elco Lighting provides a recessed light with an attractive adjustable trim. It comes with moisture sealing gasket to prevent electrical malfunctions. It fits on any standard ceiling light fixture.

Wall Wash 
Halos scoop wall wash recessed lighting is a beautiful and soft addition to any space. Adding the scoop to your light will give you an added elegance that you have been looking for.

Sloped Trim
Sloped trims are the perfect way to ensure your lighting has a specific directional output. Elco's sloped telescope like trim is fully adjustable and is usually installed around corners.

View all of our selections for recessed lighting here.

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